The fish coming from Monopoli and Polignano represents a long history of sea, hands and fishermen. A delicious culinary journey through the Apulian gastronomic specialties and a simple and genuine cuisine, made of the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean sea fish. Among urchins, prawns, squid, mullet, slices of tuna and swordfish, most of the menu is occupied by raw fish: all is dominated by raw shrimps, oysters, mussels, truffles and cuttlefish. The freshness of the fish is the main protagonist through which you create delicious recipes that blend scents and typical taste of Apulian sea and land.


It represents the essence of the skills of the butchers from Martina Franca and embodies all the unmistakable scent of the oak woods and air of the Itria Valley. It is a traditional salami, made from the meat of the finest pigs from Murgia plateau, which make this product unique not only in Apulia but also throughout Italy and abroad. For its climate, its moisture and its medium temperature, Apulia is not a suitable region for the production of salami and their seasoning, only in the Martina Franca area the man has been able to take advantage of the unique microclimatic and biologically conditions in the whole region to create a product of such high quality.


The Apulian zampina was invented by the writer, economist and agronomist Giambattista Gagliardo from Taranto (1758-1823). According to ancient traditions the term "zampina" is referred to a small pig's feet or the iron support of the spit on which it was formerly cooked, that is a long, thin spit. A mixture of minced beef of the first cut, mixed with cuttings of sheep and pork, then seasoned with tomato, pecorino cheese, basil, chili pepper, pepper and salt, and finally stuffed into lamb’s or goat’s guts. There isn’t a single recipe for it; every producer can vary doses and ingredients and jealously guard the secrets of its preparation. The ideal would be to cook it on the grill, letting yourself be transported by the smell that it spreads out during its cooking.


Real Apulian ambassadors in the world. The true Bari panzerotto is as big as a large raviolo, wrapped around itself to form a moon slice and stuffed with tomato and mozzarella cheese. The panzerotto, as well as the focaccia, is the highest expression of the flavours in Apulia, originated from the simplicity and genuineness of the ingredients that the land offers, such as tomatoes, wheat, oil and the inevitable mozzarella cheese. Despite the simplicity of the elements, their preparation is an art and it is not so simple to get a good result. If you ask around the city how to make a good dough, you will discover that everyone has a secret handed down for generations.